Qantas Jet, flying home

I've only got this long left in Australia:

Back in the USA

I have returned to the land of my fathers. Plane touched down on time and friends picked me up on time. We rode to my friend Mickey’s house in a silver minivan. Not a Mom’s minivan, mind you, but somebody’s work van. Much convenient for baggage and quite unexpected and quite more than I’m used to. Parking in LA is aways hard, but was pretty fun for me just cause… well, I’m home. Had a few scares where I thought we were driving on the wrong side. Getting used to my own place again, so to speak.

I partied it up with my three best friends in the world (in the world!) and then I made my way back. Seems that while I was gone, the homestead got up and moved without me. I said goodbye to my Mom, who was just leaving Palm Springs for Santa Rosa herself, then crashed on a friend’s couch (in grand backpacker fashion). Then I lost my friends cat, more or less. To be fair there is a hole in the wall big enough for a cat so the evidence remains inconclusive.

Eventually we took the trip north to San Francisco for another one of the friend’s 21st birthday. I migrated to Santa Rosa, which is where I’ll live now. I’m back. You can still continue the trip, back to what has to pass as normal, over at the (real) Glot.


I’m On the Plane, Right Now

That’s right. No more Australia. It’s slipping away as this is posted… goodbye, noble land of green and gold.

I’m now up against more than half a day in a confined space—but will emerge butterfly-like from this intercontinental chrysalis a whole 4 hours younger. Honestly, how spiffy is that? Half of $1400 spiffy!

I do wish I could’ve spent more time here. That much is obvious. But no regrets. Everything does work out even if you try your hardest to make it feel like it won’t sometimes. I’ll be meeting homeslice Lauren in LAX, and I’ll be partying with her and Juicy till we get up to NorCal where I’m hopefully gonna settle awhile. And between then and now, I’m gonna write the last post on this thing. The last post.


Yay Plan A! …but, your computer’s a jerk

It’s raining today in Sydney. I’m trying to figger how to get into San Francisco so I can actually, you know, go home. It’s too expensive and too late to get the flight directly into SFO. I can’t book a connecting flight to San Fran at my travel agent’s affiliate over here, which means I’d have to wait until tomorrow—the day before I leave—and make a long distance phone call to them. This original plan is quickly turning into a large potential problem. So I decide to investigate Plan B.

Plan B is just to fly into LAX as I’m already doing. So in terms of how simple it is I should really call it Plan A. Anyways, Plan A involves my excellent bestest-friend Lauren picking me up at the airport before I’ve actually left Sydney… which I know is a headtrip, but get used to it. Then I can spend maybe a week crashing wherever (which isn’t all that different from what I’ve been doing the past four months) and drive up north with them when she has her 21st birthday party. Where, of all places?—in San Francisco! Which is, again, why I’m now calling this Plan A.

But at this point in my day, right after I’d left the travel agent’s, I don’t know this. Which leads me to… the worst computer experience I’ve had over here to date, perhaps ever. Read it all »


Somewhere Else Entirely

So the past two days, since 5:30pm on Friday, I’ve been on the bus. Finally got off at around 6:30 this morning. For those of you trying to do the math, yes, that is 37 hours on the bus (minus three hours in Brisbane, collecting luggage—hoo-ray). It’s not really as bad as it sounds as long as you have 3-4 books and an iPod. It’s just that you literally miss a day and a half. So now, finally, with only three of those days left, I’m back where I started: Sydney.

Sydney’s not so bad. I mean, it’s a lot colder than it was last time. I now know better than to stay at the YHAs, or buy AUD at a rate of $0.80 USD. I know how to ask people for stuff, and how to answer “how y’goin’?”. It’s not so bad… especially when you know you’ve only got those three days. I’m not feeling homesick at the moment although I am still trying to sort out my airfare. As usual for all Australian cities, everything of importance is closed on sunday. My travel agents back home are closed, too. Nothing better to do than do my internet thing in a convenience store, of all places. Took a long walk this morning, saw some cool stuff, and got to upload it right after. Thank you, king and country, for untimed internet access.
You know, on second thought, Sydney’s pretty awesome.


I Coulda Been Home Today

That is, if I’d went on my originally scheduled flight. But no—I’ve bought myself another what, eight days? And what am I doing with them? Acting like I’m on vacation!

Today started off unusually, although it certainly sounds like something I’d do. I ate a breakfast of coconuts. Coconuts, mind you, that I’d shaken off a couple trees near the Airlie Beach boat club. Nothing to get you started in the morning like pounding large wooden objects with rocks. Mmm, good breakfast. Guess I was still caught up with the native lifestlye after reading Mutant Message yesterday.

After that I just had a wander around town. I took a few more photos, had some fish ‘n’ chips near the lagoon, and generally pissed away the day with no purpose. It was awesome. And after coming to the internet cafe to get the reference number for my flight, I realized… holy sunburned tourist, I could be flying home today. Wow. I mean, I realize I’m still flying home at some point in the very near future. It’s just that It coulda been now. And that makes this lazy, do-nothing day all the more precious.