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I've only got this long left in Australia:

Sydney Pictures, Melbourne Impressions

Lord—they’re finally posted. It took me about two hours to get these all prepared, but it was fun re-living the experience. Not that I’d spend this much time again. I think it’d be plenty more coducive to getting a job if I were able to go out and look for one. Believe it or not my first day in Melbourne I did just that… but I didn’t realize that almost everything but for Hungry Jack’s (read: Burger King) and the McCafes (read: McDonalds’, just McDonalds’) were closed.

Melbourne isn’t quite what I expected either. People told me it had a more European feel because of all the Greeks and Italians. While true, it’s more like Edinburgh in Scotland or *ahem* certain parts of Eastern Europe. But it redeemed itself yesterday with a tiny bar in a stinky back alley where there was an exceptionally talented band playing open-air, just right between the buildings. And today it was much more presentable with people actually walking in the streets and businesses being open.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna have to find a more permanent place before I can start posting regularly again. Until then, these will have to do:

Ferns and Lines Odd Specimen NSW Seal in B&W Mysterious Maiden The Big Match
First Fleet Skating Rink This is not Bird Bangers Wow! Harbor Bridge!

Birthday Day!

Today’s my birthday! Hiphip (hooray!) Most of you already knew that though—either because you’ve known me for years or because you just read the title. I wanted to announce the event (cause I’m pretty pleased about it), and to share these two pictures I took of its events:
Big Ol' CHUNK of fine Australian Lamb Now this here is a chunk of meat. I enjoy lamb—although discovered that just today. This is a before shot, obviously, to show that it is indeed a proud Australian ovine. Wish I had an after shot to give but it seems the poor thing was just devoured too wholeheartedly. Delicious—with little pepper spices and marinate and… well, no use teasing you. I’ve heard that having a nice Australian leg-o-lamb is practically the law on the national holiday (which shall go unnamed) but I’m sure there’s a meat house or two that’ll sell it whenever I like. Something else to look forward to.
Yes, this is me. Yes, I’m blowing out the candles. No, I’m not trying to prove that it’s my birthday. The picture’s just topical. If you would, note the skillfully drizzled white chocolate showing the numerals 22, the scrumptious choc-a-nutty-poke cake, the beloved orange stripey shirt… If that’s not my favorite shirt in the world, well then I swear I’m Canadian. That’s the shirt I’ll wear on the plane, the shirt I’ll be wearing when I step onto foreign soil for the first time, the shirt I’ll (probably) fall asleep in the first night because of jet-lag. I love that shirt. Where was I? Oh yes… Me, Blowing Out the Candles
Hope you’ve enjoyed the birthday pictures. More when I get my passport.

Encouraging Tourism

The Australian approach: let people take as many pictures as they can of your beautiful country, then show them to other people. Repeat. Now that’s tourism.
Kata Tjuta Western Australia, Pinnacles Jumping the Pinnacles Opera House and Harbor Bridge against the setting sun
There are so many good travel photos on flickr and their associated groups I couldn’t possibly link them all.