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Birthday Day!

December 13, 2005 – 11:41 am

Today’s my birthday! Hiphip (hooray!) Most of you already knew that though—either because you’ve known me for years or because you just read the title. I wanted to announce the event (cause I’m pretty pleased about it), and to share these two pictures I took of its events:
Big Ol' CHUNK of fine Australian Lamb Now this here is a chunk of meat. I enjoy lamb—although discovered that just today. This is a before shot, obviously, to show that it is indeed a proud Australian ovine. Wish I had an after shot to give but it seems the poor thing was just devoured too wholeheartedly. Delicious—with little pepper spices and marinate and… well, no use teasing you. I’ve heard that having a nice Australian leg-o-lamb is practically the law on the national holiday (which shall go unnamed) but I’m sure there’s a meat house or two that’ll sell it whenever I like. Something else to look forward to.
Yes, this is me. Yes, I’m blowing out the candles. No, I’m not trying to prove that it’s my birthday. The picture’s just topical. If you would, note the skillfully drizzled white chocolate showing the numerals 22, the scrumptious choc-a-nutty-poke cake, the beloved orange stripey shirt… If that’s not my favorite shirt in the world, well then I swear I’m Canadian. That’s the shirt I’ll wear on the plane, the shirt I’ll be wearing when I step onto foreign soil for the first time, the shirt I’ll (probably) fall asleep in the first night because of jet-lag. I love that shirt. Where was I? Oh yes… Me, Blowing Out the Candles
Hope you’ve enjoyed the birthday pictures. More when I get my passport.

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