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Diving Dream Done

May 27, 2006 – 9:10 am

I got off the boat yesterday around 5:00, and my head is still bobbing with the ocean waves. My ears have yet to fully equalize. I fell asleep around 6:30 dead tired. But damn, was it was worth it.

The best part about the trip was the people on the boat. Dont get me wrong; the wreck of the Yongala was fantastic. Without the people I met, though, it wouldn’t have been worth going. My dive buddy, a Lauren-esque shrimpboat-workinhg backpacker from Holland, was very a lucky pick. I’d even like to travel with her or some of the others a little more. We’ll see. Later today I might be going to Magnetic Island, just off the coast of Townsville. What the heck… it’s there. Or I might head off to Aerlie Beach with a bunch of other backpackers.

I would talk more about the Yongala, the other two reefs I had the chance to see, how I finished my diver training then lost the pretty certificate, but you know what… I’ve got about 2 minutes of credit left.Promise, I’ll write back soon.

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