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Grueling Preparations

January 25, 2006 – 10:11 pm

As I sit here in my peaceful bed, writing this from the familiar territory of Cathedral City, CA, on a laptop which I have devoted an entire day to repairing, I’m inspired to make up an adage. Yes, make up:

Every great endeavor in man’s history sees its success or faiure through preparation.

Thank goodness this is no great endeavor, right? I mean, here I am fixing up a blimey laptop when if had to make a list of the things I still have to do, well… don’t make me list them. Don’t. Ok, since you asked so politely then:

  • apply for a tax file number
  • open account with Aussie Credit Union
  • exchange and transfer money to said account
  • pack up everything that I’m taking
  • figure out what the heck I’m taking first
  • pack up my room of everything else
  • buy a journal, and a towel, maybe an iPod
  • pay some parking ticket I got
  • write a 7-month check for my student loans
  • finish two books
  • encrypt flash drive (nerd necklace, to the rest of you)
  • clean a load of movies (35) off hard drive
  • encode another load of minidiscs onto the computer
  • burn the ones already on there
  • fix old laptop – Ha! Got that one!

Wow that is—indeed—a list. I should probably get started on that.

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