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Mutants on the Beach

May 30, 2006 – 7:36 pm

A sunny beach day, and nothing better to do but read a whole book sitting out there underneath the palms. The perfect setting to be absorbed.

Mutant Message Down Under, by Marlo Morgan, isn’t about mutants. It’s about The Real People: atribe of ancient aborigines stalwartly unchanged by “civilized” society. To them, we are the mutants. We’ve lost touch with the natural and perfect organization of things. For them, everything easily falls into balance, everything comes and goes as it should. They live in abundance, even though to us mutants it would seem they’re in one of the most arid and inhospitable climates on Earth. Magically yet quite expectedly, all is provided for them. They are given food, offered water when needed, they sing and have each other although keep nothing for themselves. The focus of their lives is entirely different. They don’t have birthdays… instead, when they realize they have reached a new stage or betterment of their life, they choose to inform the rest of the tribe. Only then is a celebration to be had.

And how can the author know all this? Because they chose to take on of us with them. Somehow the fifty year-old American woman became known to them through her work with aboriginal youth. Although the book is officially a work of fiction, she repeatedly states it is based on real events. She did actually go on a life-altering walkabout ith them through the Australian wilderness, although she is sworn to secrecy regarding their sacred sites and how to find them. It is suggested several times throughout the book that it is in fact “her destiny” to meet these people and experience their ways. I guess I believe it.

Near the end, in their last sacred sanctuary deep in the desert, it is revealed their ultimate purpose in bringing along such a stranger. They are leaving this world. It is their choice, since they realize they won’t long be able to live off their shrinking land or evade the government which decrees they should live under the rule of numbers like everyone else. We live with time on our arm; they understand it’s sole purpose is to give us the chance to change.

When you read a whole book like that in that beautiful setting it can really affect you. Mutant Message, so named because it is their message to all us mutants, was received, by me. It makes me want to live more wholly, more spiritually, more aware of myself and everything else. Maybe even be live off the land. Don’t quote me on that. But I think this head-place I’m in will lead to better things and better experiences.

By the way thanks for giving it to me, Dad. I’m glad I finally got around to reading it, this far into the trip.

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