Qantas Jet, flying home

Qantas Flight 108 will depart in only:
Seat 70K

January 14, 2006 – 7:26 pm

To paraphrase:

Seats 70J, K are some of the only twosomes in economy class. The window seat is afforded some extra space for seat K because of the shape of the fuselage.

Right—so all these pre-departure posts even seem kind of frivolous to me. I mean, I wrote when I got my ticket, when my book came, I even wrote about when I had Australian leg of lamb for my birthday. I’m not obessed. I’m just excited. And that was half the point of even starting this thing. So I guess if I feel the need to actually make note of the particular seat I’m requesting, well… it sure has worked.

But seriously—do you realize, that with that seat, I’ll get to see the great sweep of Sydney before I even set foot on Australian soil? How cool is that!?

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