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I've only got this long left in Australia:
Sydney Pictures, Melbourne Impressions

February 6, 2006 – 8:52 pm

Lord—they’re finally posted. It took me about two hours to get these all prepared, but it was fun re-living the experience. Not that I’d spend this much time again. I think it’d be plenty more coducive to getting a job if I were able to go out and look for one. Believe it or not my first day in Melbourne I did just that… but I didn’t realize that almost everything but for Hungry Jack’s (read: Burger King) and the McCafes (read: McDonalds’, just McDonalds’) were closed.

Melbourne isn’t quite what I expected either. People told me it had a more European feel because of all the Greeks and Italians. While true, it’s more like Edinburgh in Scotland or *ahem* certain parts of Eastern Europe. But it redeemed itself yesterday with a tiny bar in a stinky back alley where there was an exceptionally talented band playing open-air, just right between the buildings. And today it was much more presentable with people actually walking in the streets and businesses being open.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna have to find a more permanent place before I can start posting regularly again. Until then, these will have to do:

Ferns and Lines Odd Specimen NSW Seal in B&W Mysterious Maiden The Big Match
First Fleet Skating Rink This is not Bird Bangers Wow! Harbor Bridge!

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