Qantas Jet, flying home

I've only got this long left in Australia:

Back in the USA

I have returned to the land of my fathers. Plane touched down on time and friends picked me up on time. We rode to my friend Mickey’s house in a silver minivan. Not a Mom’s minivan, mind you, but somebody’s work van. Much convenient for baggage and quite unexpected and quite more than I’m used to. Parking in LA is aways hard, but was pretty fun for me just cause… well, I’m home. Had a few scares where I thought we were driving on the wrong side. Getting used to my own place again, so to speak.

I partied it up with my three best friends in the world (in the world!) and then I made my way back. Seems that while I was gone, the homestead got up and moved without me. I said goodbye to my Mom, who was just leaving Palm Springs for Santa Rosa herself, then crashed on a friend’s couch (in grand backpacker fashion). Then I lost my friends cat, more or less. To be fair there is a hole in the wall big enough for a cat so the evidence remains inconclusive.

Eventually we took the trip north to San Francisco for another one of the friend’s 21st birthday. I migrated to Santa Rosa, which is where I’ll live now. I’m back. You can still continue the trip, back to what has to pass as normal, over at the (real) Glot.


Last Day Melbourne

Cleaned out apartment on Monday—technically checked out, but stayed there. Just stowed my impressive luggage collection back at the Friendly Backpacker and’ve returned the last library books of my time in Melbourne. It’s a bittersweet thing, leaving the city. Gah! there’s still so much I feel I want to do. But if I haven’t done them by now, I don’t expect I’ll get them done in the next 24 days.

24 days! I can’t believe that’s all I’ve got left! Things always seem to feel like forever, except when they’re about to be done. Pretty soon I’ll be saying: “24 hours! I can’t believe that’s all I’ve got left!” Or something very very similar. My time here has been good. My time here here, though, is over. Melbourne, you’ve been great.

I’m ready to go. My plane to Queensland will be leaving at 9:30 pm outta Tullamarine. But before that, I’ve still got postcards to send, a new friend to email, and a blog entry to write. Wait…



Queensland Confirmed

As of not too long ago, I’ve got myself a ticket to Brisbane and a hostel for that night. Total cost: AU$135—which is good, cause as you may know I don’t have that much AU$ left. The flight gets in at 11:00 at night on Tuesday. From there, maybe the Whitsundays, maybe Fraser Island, maybe strait to the reef… I can’t say. But now, I’m pretty sure I’m going.