Qantas Jet, flying home

I've only got this long left in Australia:

Back in the USA

I have returned to the land of my fathers. Plane touched down on time and friends picked me up on time. We rode to my friend Mickey’s house in a silver minivan. Not a Mom’s minivan, mind you, but somebody’s work van. Much convenient for baggage and quite unexpected and quite more than I’m used to. Parking in LA is aways hard, but was pretty fun for me just cause… well, I’m home. Had a few scares where I thought we were driving on the wrong side. Getting used to my own place again, so to speak.

I partied it up with my three best friends in the world (in the world!) and then I made my way back. Seems that while I was gone, the homestead got up and moved without me. I said goodbye to my Mom, who was just leaving Palm Springs for Santa Rosa herself, then crashed on a friend’s couch (in grand backpacker fashion). Then I lost my friends cat, more or less. To be fair there is a hole in the wall big enough for a cat so the evidence remains inconclusive.

Eventually we took the trip north to San Francisco for another one of the friend’s 21st birthday. I migrated to Santa Rosa, which is where I’ll live now. I’m back. You can still continue the trip, back to what has to pass as normal, over at the (real) Glot.


My Commonwealth Games Experience

Well, to be honest… it was negligible. All I really noticed was that the trams were a lot more packed and many many more people got off at the sporting arenas, for whatever reason. Oh, and the cost of a hostel went up $5 a night. If I sound somehow unimpressed by the greatest global sporting event next to the Olympics, it’s cause I am.

C’mon. I mean, America left that whole “commonwealth” idea behind a looong time ago. It’s worked out pretty good for us. Before I came here I’d never even heard of the thing. Can you blame me? I saw the weightlifting on television. Tonga got third place. No offense, Tonga, but who’s rooting for you, besides you? What vested interest does anyone have… in a random Tongan weightlifter?

One of the reasons I came to Melbourne is that I was told they were having this great international sporting event. There were supposedly lots of jobs to be had. Got here… no such luck. And I got the sales job instead. Which is for the best, really, because now they’re over as well as they’re jobs. I’ve noticed because I can ride public transit normally again.

Although I have to say… the glowing fishes in the river was a really nice touch, Melbourne. People really liked it. Giving each of them a plaque detailing their nation of origin was… silly. Well, you gotta legitamize 100-odd giant floating fishes somehow, right?


Rainy Day Phonechild

Only a moment to spare:

I went to great lengths today, out in the fickle yet fierce rain of rainy Melbourne, to finally purchase a phone. I can see your eyes glazing over now… you can finally talk to Billy again .Or Bob. Or Orin. Yes, I can foresee the uninteded 3 am wakeup calls, the interrupted interviews, and I won’t mind a bit. It’ll be fun. Fun? Yes. There’s a peculiar rule in the Australian celular schema — you call me, you pay. I answer, you still pay. Even from overseas. HA. Hope you guys have good jobs. With no further ado, to dial from “The States” :

(011 61)  4 0511 5350