Qantas Jet, flying home

I've only got this long left in Australia:

I’m On the Plane, Right Now

That’s right. No more Australia. It’s slipping away as this is posted… goodbye, noble land of green and gold.

I’m now up against more than half a day in a confined space—but will emerge butterfly-like from this intercontinental chrysalis a whole 4 hours younger. Honestly, how spiffy is that? Half of $1400 spiffy!

I do wish I could’ve spent more time here. That much is obvious. But no regrets. Everything does work out even if you try your hardest to make it feel like it won’t sometimes. I’ll be meeting homeslice Lauren in LAX, and I’ll be partying with her and Juicy till we get up to NorCal where I’m hopefully gonna settle awhile. And between then and now, I’m gonna write the last post on this thing. The last post.