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I've only got this long left in Australia:
Tell Me Where To Go

June 2, 2006 – 12:14 pm

Somebody, please. I have no idea and I have a week left. Put me on a bus. Just have it go south at some point because I know that’s where I eventually have to end up. No, I don’t feel like sailing, I wouldn’t like an “eco-tour,” I want to explore what’s left on my own and make my own discoveries and meet people myself. Put me on a bus to Brisbane. I’ll get my stuff and I’ll go to Sydney and I’ll be on a plane and be back in the States and somehow get to my new house (my family’s new house) and get a “normal” life again. As I’ve been telling mildly amused strangers for the past four months, my family has moved while I’ve been overseas. And uh, I think I know where they are. I’m eager to get back, not really because I’m homesick (although that’s a part) — honestly, it’s more like travelsick. I’m done with travelling. I’m done. I’ll visit one more museum, maybe a zoo, and only have to tolerate a few more nights in these bloody hostels. Then I can restabilize and totally readjust my lifestyle all over again! I got a whole list o’ stuff I’m doing when I get back. Wanna hear?

  • have a fun homecoming party
  • call all three homeslices (or visit if I can!)
  • sleep in a tent in the backyard
  • construct time capsule for all this junk I have
  • transfer my money back into real American currency
  • ride my bike
  • rollerskate around somewheres
  • practice the ukelele
  • eat a hamburger and french fries
  • play a frickin’ video game
  • write final post on OzGlot
  • start posting on WordGlot again
  • fix up some websites: PieLove, OzGlot, & the Homepie Homepage
  • clean up the iPod (Macquarie–rename from Macquarie?)
  • download music heard on the trip
  • unload MiniDisc recordings, all 20 tracks of them
  • retouch and tag and organize and group all those Flickrpix
  • upgrade The Archive and WordGlot to WordPress 2.0
  • scrap laptop for parts
  • get new computer moniter (since the old one’s been sold :-P )
  • get a job
  • figure out where I wanna live next

Now doesn’t that sound like fun? It’s more fun than having no hot water by 8:00am, anyways. That’s what matters. Travelling sucks.

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2 Responses to “Tell Me Where To Go”

  1. Gerry Says:

    Go sit in a church, or two. Just sit. Watch some children. Do something to honor the country which has hosted you. And, of course, be nice to Freshmen.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you too. GL-B

  2. Anne Says:

    fly to ayers rock, then sydney, then home…

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