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Urbex: Awesome

May 4, 2006 – 7:45 pm

…just as I knew it would be. Yesterday, after I wrote about how I might be leaving soon, I decided to make good on my time left here. I went through some disused railyards near Spencer street where I live, then had to cross the very-used railyards to get across.
The Not-Empty Railyards Showing Some Age Fast Train, Tags
I needed to get to a collection of bridges over a small river where I thought there might be drains. No such luck. Moral: don’t trust satellite pictures. But I continued downstream until I found where it met the larger Yarra river. There I found an inexplicably undeveloped wharf, right near the high-rises of Melbourne’s Docklands.
Pier 21, Door Old Docklands Wharf: Bridge and Wharf View to the City
The next day I decided to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole. I went down to the Yarra river specifaically to look for drains. And I found one. Right away. Big one, too, and well visited. Seems the Cave Clan throws its annual award ceremonies down here. The place is called “Cafe le Chambre.” Which of course, means “Chamber Cafe,” in high-school french.
Drain, Where Church Crosses the Yarra The Cave Clan has been here Cafe le Chambre, Open
Altogether, a pretty interesting two days. And I’m just gettin’ started.

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  1. thumb Says:

    fyi the drain on the yarra is called “ANZAC” and hosts various cave clan functios primarilly the clannies but also movies, parties and even a “cafe” of sorts hence “cafe le chambre”

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